Rosacea Healing  


The powerful path to healthier skin.


The 5 Life-Changing Nutritional Lessons.

Lesson 1

The Five triggers

Knowing your triggers will help you start your healing in record time.

Lesson 2

How to reduce Inflammation

Learn the factors that create inflammation and steps to improve your skin health and overall health.

Lesson 3

Gut Health Mastery

Learn how to take care of your gut microbiome and leaky gut so that you can optimize your skin.

Lesson 4

Healthy Habits Basics

We’ll show you how to create healthy habits that stick.

Lesson 5

Rosacea 101  

Learn the basics of nutrition and lifestyle intervention so that you can start healing your face one day at a time.


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Rosacea Healing

Rosacea Healing is a comprehensive,  multilayered approach to healing using functional medicine principles, where emotional, mental, and spiritual health matters. We use powerful nutrition and lifestyle tools as a first-line intervention. 

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I'm Dr. Radka Toms

After a decade of working as an Ophthalmologist, prescribing antibiotics to my Rosacea patients, I became a Rosacea patient myself.

After connecting the dots between my insulin resistance, gut microbiome, and my Rosacea, I was able to heal my Rosacea with nutrition and lifestyle as a first-line intervention and help many other of my patients.
I want the same for you.. 

Clear skin, Rosacea free. It will be a journey, but the sooner you start, the sooner you will be healed. 

I help people just like you improve the health of their skin. I’ll show you how to take out the primary triggers, how optimize your nutrition and reduce the inflammation so that you can feel better in your skin. 

It's your time now. You deserve to feel great.

"Dr. Radka Toms has changed the game for me. She has helped change my relationship with my body and my nutrition. I feel so lucky to have met her and to have come across her program for Rosacea. I was completely lost and didn’t know what else to do, felt frustrated and desperate, to say the least. I had tried everything, and nothing had worked. Dr. Radka offered a safe space for me to share what I was going through not only physically but also emotionally. She understood, listened, and guided me down my healing path with patience, kindness, and impeccable functional medicine skills and knowledge. I can say that I have healed now 90%, and I owe this to her. She really was a light at the end of the tunnel for me. She was and still always is ready to answer the many technical questions I have, and offer a kind words of advice, positive affirmations, and emotional support. I couldn’t recommend her enough. I am so grateful to have met her!"

- Ines

"Working with Dr. Radka has changed my life. I was able to find all the triggers to clear my skin!"

- Kristin

"I didn't know that my stress and the food I was eating was the trigger for my red inflamed face. I thank dr. Radka for showing me the way and being our guiding light. I am so pleased our paths crossed."

- Semi
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